Climate Change/Behavior Change
The 2016 MEEA Conference
March 23 & 24, 2016   ♦  Colby College  ♦ Waterville Maine




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Join leaders and practitioners from education, communities and the sciences for a day of highlighting environmental education program successes that focus on climate change and behavior change, especially at a school or community level.  Learn about program strategies that have been shown to effect change in behavior and attitudes. 


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Fostering Environmental Action Through Education
Bonus Opportunity on Wednesday, March 23, 2:00-5:00PM

Environmental education often falls short of inspiring action -- not at the level needed for enough change to solve our increasingly complex environmental problems.This short course will build from the conservation psychology field which looks not only at understanding the inter-relationships between humans and nature, but how to promote healthy and sustainable relationships between them. It is based on what we know about:

  • how people develop environmentally sustainable behaviors; and
  • how people develop relationships with and to the natural world. 

Participants will learn how research-based practices within psychology specifically relate to behavior change, namely environmental action, goals within environmental education.  We will explore how education experiences can be crafted to support student's environmental action self-efficacy and motivate students to take environmental action.  

Presenter:  Ruth Kermish-Allen is the Executive Director of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. Ruth is an Environmental Studies Education Doctoral Candidate and Conservation Psychology Fellow at Antioch University New England.


27 Workshops and Special Sessions on Thursday March 24


  • Best Practices in climate change education and communication
  • Briefings about research on climate change, behavior change and education in Maine
  • Examples of innovative programs
  • Opportunities to apply what you are learning to your own work
  • Youth-led sessions

Focus on Youth     

Our conference keynoter, Chloe Maxmin of Nobleboro, Maine, is a 2015 graduate of Harvard College. She became a climate activist at 12, later forming the Climate Action Club in high school and galvanizing a grassroots movement in her community. At Harvard, she co-founded Divest Harvard - a campaign calling on Harvard University to divest from fossil fuels - and helped grow the group from 3 people into a movement of over 70,000 people. Chloe also founded First Here, Then Everywhere to empower youth climate activists. She has received national and international recognition for her activism, including being named a "Green Hero" by Rolling Stone, receiving the Brower Youth Award, and appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher. She is currently a Fellow with The Nation. For more information, visit

Workshops For Youth, By Youth...

For the first time in our conference history, there will be sessions designed specifically for youth, by Maine youth leaders. These sessions will offer:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Skill building session to help Maine youth successfully pursue internships, education and jobs in the environmental sector.
  • Facilitated discussions on climate justice, actions and ways to collaborate to amplify the power of the youth voice in Maine. 

New Conference Location: Colby College, Waterville, Maine

We are excited to convene at Colby College, centrally located for most Mainers. Colby is one of the leaders in climate change education and action in higher education. In addition to its outstanding Environmental Studies department, Colby is one of the first colleges in the country to become carbon neutral. Our conference will be powered by renewable energy!


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Student Rate
Thursday ONLY: $50


Registration closes March 17th. Space is limited. No walk-ins can be accomodated



donarenowA Big Step Forward
New K-12 Education Bill Strengthens
Environmental Education

President Obama has signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)-- sweeping bipartisan legislation that for the first time, supports opportunities for environmental education and hands-on, field-based learning experiences.

The gains for environmental education come as a result of years-long work by supporters of the No Child Left Inside (NCLI) Act, which sought to fund states’ efforts to implement environmental literacy plans in K-12 public schools. The Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA), after many years of championing federal support for environmental education is now gearing up for the the long and complicated next steps of translating the bill's environmental education provisions to increased support for environmental literacy programs and curricula in Maine.

Moving Forward: Youth Empowerment

We are proud and excited to announce that MEEA is one of nine professional environmental education associations in North America that was recently awarded an EECapacity grant from EECapacity ( to empower youth from diverse backgrounds in Maine and New England in 2015 and 2016. This is an exciting new project that builds upon a youth empowerment focus that MEEA has been pursing in the past few years. The New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) was also awarded a similar grant and the two organizations will be collaborating with the intent to deepen our impact not only in Maine but also regionally.

The grant is being supported organization-wide by MEEA but is being spearheaded in Maine by a collaborative leadership team comprised of four individuals from four organizations, Olivia Griset, current MEEA President, Adrian Ayson, Executive Director of NEEEA and MEEA projects-manager, Anna Sommo, Youth Programs Manager at Cultivating Community, and Karen Arno, a lead environmental educator from Maine Audubon. The project will involve a convening of leaders in the field where professionals will engage with topics such as behavior change in youth, youth empowerment, and best practices for working with youth in diverse communities.

 What Is MEEA For?

Imagine the first time you ever saw a moose, or explored a tide pool, felt the cool water of the ocean wash over your skin, climbed a mountain... Now imagine a life where you live only hour from the ocean in Maine but have never walked on the beach, never hiked a mountain, never heard the waves crashing, or seen the beauty of sand pipers in flight. Many economic barriers exist for many Maine children that could make this unbelievable statement their actual reality. At MEEA, we believe that ALL Maine children have the right to experience the unimaginable beauty of the sate we are so lucky to inhabit.

Today, MEEA is focused on smart growth: better access to funding for transformative projects, improving organizational function, and broadening our reach to a more diverse audience. In the past few years, MEEA has achieved success under all these measures.